Indiana County STEM Academy

studentsThe Indiana County STEM Academy is a consortium of Indiana’s seven school districts and the first county-wide STEM initiative in Pennsylvania.

Intended to complement the math and science curriculums of each district, the STEM Academy will offer concentrated focus in three highly relevant “pathways”, including ENERGY, APPLIED SCIENCE & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY and BIO-MEDICAL/HEALTHCARE.

The STEM Academy courses will be taught at the beautiful PLTWnew STEM Academy/Challenger facility located at the Indiana County Technology Center and will utilize the “Project Lead the Way” curriculum–nationally renown as the best STEM program in the nation.

The STEM Academy will be offered to high school students in classroomgrades 9-12 in the seven districts, and will offer honors and certificate opportunities for participants.



What is STEMAccording to the U.S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17 percent while others are growing at 9.8 percent.

Between 2008 and 2018, careers in computer systems, the biomedical field, network systems, data communications and health care are forecast to increase by 45 percent.

Out of 171 college degrees, STEM majors come out ahead. A person with a petroleum engineering major can expect to earn $120,000 annually, and workers with degrees in math and computer science can earn as much as $98,000 annually.

In 2009, the U.S. Department of Labor listed the 10 most-wanted employees. Eight of those were ones with degrees in the STEM fields of accounting, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, information sciences and systems, computer engineering and civil engineering.

The U.S. may be short as many as 3 million highly skilled workers by 2018. Two-thirds of those jobs will require some post-secondary education.

Representative Course Selections:

Principles of Engineering

Introduction to Engineering

Engineering Design and Development

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Environmental Sustainability

Principles of Biomedical Science

Medical Interventions

Biomedical Innovation

Human Body Systems