Coming Soon to Indiana, Pa

Posted on Aug 10, 2014

Coming Soon to Indiana, Pa

The Central Allegheny Challenger Learning Center (CACLC) will be co-located with SIFI – the STEM Institute for Future Innovators, and the Indiana Technology Center in White Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Over the last two years, the communities in Indiana County, Pennsylvania have been exploring ways to introduce STEM education, but have been challenged by issues unique to, but common among, rural communities with small, dispersed populations, high transportation costs, local fiscal constraints, and lack of support services.  As a result, rural communities like the ones in Indiana County, tend to lag behind those of their urban counterparts.

In 2013, a feasibility study was completed and a $1.365 million dollar grant was secured from  Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). This grant will fund the initial stages of construction for the CACLC.

The CACLC  will be dedicated to educational exploration for students, educators and community members. It will house a NASA simulator, instructional space, micronauts area, emissions studios and corporate/industry learning space.

The purpose of SIFI will  be to encourage, enable, and inspire students to solve problems through skill and innovation by pursuing careers in advanced manufacturing, information system, and applied sciences or engineering.  As the only dedicated STEM focused program in this region of Pennsylvania, our goal is to cultivate interest and excitement in STEM careers and post-secondary education through experiential learning, industry connections, and applied learning activities.

The program is collaboratively designed with a unique integrated, multi-disciplinary pathway-based learning framework that will distinguish our graduates as leader of change.  Graduates will be prepared to continue on to high level studies in post-secondary institutions or move seamlessly into the workforce through linkages with higher education and industry.